Specialist Teachers

The Elementary Bilingual School has a Music Program for grades 1 & 2, a Computer Program for grades 3 to 5, a full-time Substitute/Relief Teacher and every grade level has Library Time once a week.


Elizaveta (Lisa) Shugaeva

Nationality: Russian

Year starting at Clifford: 2011

Position: Music Teacher

Qualifications: Masters in Music Education

Teaching Experiences: Taught in Russia, USA, Malta, China

“I really enjoy seeing my students grow year by year. I love teaching them to communicate in English through Music. First of all it is fun. Second of all, it is A Lot of Fun!”


David Zhang

Nationality: Canadian

Year starting at Clifford: 2006

Position: Computer Instructor

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science

Teaching Experiences: Taught in the United States and China

“My passion is cultivating creativity of the students and inspiring them through the use of technology and to provide computer knowledge for the students to create their own amazing work.”


Ms. Siby (Liu Ziwei)

Nationality: Chinese (Hunan province)

Year starting at Clifford: 2006

Position:  Grade 1 & 2 Library Teacher & Resource Coordinator

Qualifications: BA of English

Teaching Experiences: Clifford Teaching Assistant since 2006

"I like children and I enjoy reading English stories to them. It is my pleasure to teach them and watch them grow through their time at Clifford Bilingual."


Substitute & Relief Teacher

Ryan Bailey

Nationality: Canadian

Year starting at Clifford: 2006

Position: Substitute & Relief Teacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of General Studies; Bachelor of Education

Teaching Experiences: Taught in Canada and China

“I have enjoyed my time here at the Clifford Bilingual School.  It has been fun teaching students here.  It's nice to see these students learning in two different languages.”