2019-20 School Events

Halloween is Coming


This year Clifford Elementary will celebrate Halloween on Friday November 1st, 2019.

All English classes will have fun Halloween activities throughout the day.

LE classes will have a Halloween Parade, Trick or Treat and classroom activities.

UE classes will parade to other classrooms, have Trick or Treat and classroom activities.

It’s a fun day for all, so encourage your child to join in!

Get your child’s costume ready now, so they can make the most of the fun on Halloween!



2019 - 2020 Parent Orientation September 24th to September 27th


The last week of September was Parent Orientation for the Elementary Bilingual English program. We have four afternoons when parents come to school to learn about the English program from our Western teachers and the Teaching Assistants.


On Tuesday we had Grade 3 and 6, on Wednesday we had Grade 2 and 5, on Thursday we had Grades 1, 4 and Friday was the day was for the English Language Support Program.


We had an estimated 1700 parents coming to the school to hear about their child’s program. The parents heard about the Grade Level English expectations for the year, the curriculum areas that will be covered, the management plans for each teacher, classroom routines, different programs, homework and how to help their children at home.


Each Grade level met together as a group where the parents heard about items that are the same for every grade at that level. In the classrooms the parents were able to meet the teacher and TA and see the student displayed in the room.  In the classroom the teacher told the parents about the class management plans, routines and expectations for their particular classroom.


All parents received a “Parent Pack” that outlines all the main points from the Orientation. This Parent Pack can be referred to by the parents at any time, and is a useful document to keep at home.


Thank you to all the parents who came along to hear about our great English program.


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the PRC. – September, 2019


On Wednesday September 25th, 2019, Clifford Elementary and Secondary Bilingual Schools presented a spectacular show featuring all of their 3,000 students. About 3,000 guests, including School Board members, enjoyed performances by the students, and other special guests, which featured singing and dancing, as well as video and light shows. This special function was the first major event held on the school’s new multi-purpose, all weather sports field.


Congratulations to the People’s Republic of China on its 70th Anniversary!


Elementary Bilingual New Library Books


This semester the Elementary Library took delivery of 376 new books. The books are for the Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary libraries, and will soon be available for students to browse and borrow. Each semester the two libraries add to their shelves English books that we believe the students will enjoy, as well as books that support our program. Every week all students have a 40 minute English library time, where they can read, enjoy and borrow library books. The Grade 1 and 2 students have a lesson with the Library teacher where they learn about how to use the library as well as how to look after library books. The Library teacher also teaches the students a “love of reading” through reading and sharing stories together.


The library books the students borrow each week are for student enjoyment, and students borrow them based on their interests. Sometimes they cannot “read” the whole book, but they can still enjoy the book and share it with other students or members of their family.


We hope everyone enjoys the books in the library, and that students develop a strong love for reading for enjoyment.


Opening Day Ceremony - August 28th. 2019


Wednesday, August 28th was the first day of the 2019-20 school year! The day started with Clifford's Opening Day Ceremony. Over 2,025 elementary students were in attendance along with all of the Chinese and foreign professional teaching staff. 


Teacher Conference - August 26th, 2019



On Monday, August 26th, all staff at Clifford School attended a Faculty conference. Dr. Clifford Pang, the Chairman of the School Board, gave the keynote speech.


Dr Pang stated “Twenty years’ sustained development has made Clifford School, a reputable Chinese & English bilingual school acclaimed both home and abroad.  This means we have taken an accurate path towards international education, and have successfully performed our bilingual education.”


He continued to say that “a private school has to stand out from the rest to survive.”  He mentioned that innovation is the key to doing this, and graciously acknowledge how our past innovations have produced excellent results, but that we must continue to adjust and perfect our programs to meet the societal changes around us. He touched on the importance of humanism to meet students’ personal and individual demands. The humanist philosophy places the task of making the world a better place on humans.  It requires each of us to strive to be more compassionate, use reasoning, and critical thinking to solve the problems of the world around us.


Dr Pang stated “to improve educational quality, our teaching staff is the essential element. All of you are outstanding in your own right, and possess the qualities of the ideal Clifford School staff, which is “dedication, professionalism, humanism, and innovation”.


He concluded with the following statement. “Now that there is no longer physical space for more school buildings or additional students, the school has to seek development though enhanced educational quality. Looking afar, we feel fully confident; hand in hand, ready to push the bar higher and continue to stay on the leading edge of education for our school.”  


The School Director, a Chinese Teacher and a Western teacher all responded to Dr. Pang’s speech and further reinforced our need to continue to create innovating programs that continue to meet the needs of all the students in our unique school.


Several teachers and other staff members were awarded “Outstanding Staff Member” awards from the 2018-2019 school year. From our department this year, the recipients were Jeffrey Lee (Grade 5 teacher) and David Yu (Grade 6 Teaching Assistant). Well done to them!