2023-2024 School Events

G3, 4 and 5 Grade Level Assessments (May, 2024)


On the 13th, 15th, and 16th of May, Grades Three, Four and Five student took an English assessment to help us determine the students’ English language skills. This assessment is called the Grade Level Assessment (GLA).

This assessment is used in helping us determine the appropriate English class placement for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Over three days students undertook a variety of skills assessments in Oral Speaking and Listening, Reading Fluency (oral), Reading Comprehension, Writing and Listening Comprehension.

We also ask teachers to complete various surveys about each student’s classroom learning to help us decide on the best leveled class for everyone.

It’s a big process to assess over 1000 students over three days, so thanks goes to all our administrators and teachers for the hard work. But most of all thanks to the students who all did their best, and I am sure they are relieved it’s over…… until next May!

Open House: April, 2023

This year again we were fully open to hold Open House for the whole Elementary school.

Most of the 1,920 students and an estimated 2,500+ parents were at the school to watch English and Chinese demonstration lessons as well as take part in some other Activities around the school, including a very special piano concert, that featured 19 pianos and several choirs!.

Clifford’s Open House program in the English and Chinese classes give parents and guests a glimpse into our students’ classroom life.


Thank you to all the teachers and the parents who came to our Elementary Open House event!

2024 March into Reading (Reading Month)

March into Reading Minutes Announcement Video

March into Reading Literacy Month was a great success.


Congratulations Clifford Elementary Bilingual School.  This year we had another very big Reading Month! The total minutes the students’ read during Literacy Month is 1,419,257. Hopefully we can break the 1.5 million mark next year

We also had a total of 2,265 Guest Readers come to our classes to read – this year it was all students, teachers, parents and staff!! Well done everyone!

The final total was announced during the Book Character Dress Up day! Students and teachers dressed up as a favorite book character and we had the announcement by the flag pole.

We did manage to meet all out school wide goals. For achieving the goals, the students celebrated by having a classroom literacy party, a buffet lunch, no homework for a weekend and time for an outdoor literacy activity.

Classrooms also receive extra books for their classroom reading libraries as rewards for the number of minutes the students read. For each 1,500 minutes they receive one extra book. Classes also receive one extra book for each four guest readers they have during the month. Most classes earned around 50 extra books

March is always a fun time at Clifford School and this March was no different. Students participated in reading activities such as Peer Reading - with a student from a different grade and DEAR reading, which we had twice a week for silent reading time. Each class had a number of guest readers that came to our classes to read. We had other students, parents and many members of both the Chinese and Western staff come to read to our classes. 

We also had a fantastic Book Fair, where we sold over 85,000RMB worth of English books. That means we will be able to choose over 8,500RMB  worth of books for the library and classrooms.

Congratulations Clifford School!  Fantastic Reading!  Keep it up all year round!  

A Visit from Sarah Roberts (author, adventurer, conservationist)

On Wednesday, March 20th, the students in grades 3-6 had the opportunity to listen to a presentation given by author Sarah Roberts. She is a biologist that has traveled to different parts of the world to interact and learn about different animals, including predatory animals. She has written some books to bring awareness to the conservation and protection of ecosystems. Using videos and photos, she presented her experiences with different animals and wildlife. Sarah shared how she’s interacted with sharks, which included the story of how she got bitten by a shark. She mentioned her visit to Iceland in which she got to be around a glacier that is a thousand years old. She taught the students the difference between a black bear and a brown bear, while also informing them of what to do if you were to ever come across different kinds of bears.

The students had a chance to not only listen to her adventures but also answer questions and volunteer on the stage. She was interactive with the students as she taught them why it’s important to conserve and protect the animals in the world, especially predators. The loss of any one animal in the food chain can cause an imbalance in an ecosystem and cause a chain reaction to the wildlife population. Some students were able to ask her questions after her presentation, and they received a copy of her autograph. The students had a great time, and we are grateful to be one of the schools she visited during her first visit to China.

Peer Reading


During “March into Reading” the students have a time every week where they can read together with a student from a different grade level.

Lower Elementary students are paired with a student from Upper Elementary. Each week they read together in the library for 40 minutes.

Sometimes the younger students read, and the older students help them, at other times the older students read and the younger students enjoy the story.

This is a very positive reading experience for all, and sometimes the students even meet each other at other times to talk.

Students really love their March into Reading Peer Reading time.

Another Book Fair Success in 2024


Our “Oink ‘n’ Oink” Elementary Bilingual Book Fair was a success yet again. Because there were so many fantastic books, we managed to sell 85,500rmb of books.

The school earned over 8,550rmb worth of free books. We will use our free books for classroom and library books supporting our English, Science and Social Studies curriculum.

We were very pleased with the students who did a great job choosing their own books, sometimes with help from TAs, teachers and Oink ‘n’ Oink staff. This was made easier due to the variety of suitable books that were available for every age level.

Thank you again to the parents for entrusting your child to buy English books for their enjoyment.

Now will be a good time for you and your child to spend time sharing the experience of enjoying your child’s new books to help your child to learn good reading habits and also promote an interested in reading, while enjoying and learning at the same time.

Thank you to all the students, parents and friends for supporting the March into Reading Book Fair. See you next year!

Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)


For 20 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday in March all of the English classes and English teachers will “Drop Everything And Read” – which means all other activities will stop during the English class and everyone will “read”!


Students enjoy this quiet time just reading to themselves. It’s a time to relax and become part of the book they are reading. These days, our students rarely have a time at school to just to sit and enjoy reading. We hope this time encourages student to try and find time every day to read a little just for their enjoyment. 

Visit from our Hong Kong Sister School (Nov 2023)


On December 16, 2021, Clifford Elementary School and Hong Kong Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Xueyun Primary School of Hong Kong became sister schools under the guidance of the Provincial Department of Education and the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

On the morning of November 9, 2023, a group of 94 people including the entire administrative and teaching team of Hong Kong Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Xueyun Primary School and fifth and sixth grade students came to our school for a visit and exchange.

Various important visitors including representatives of Panyu District Education Bureau and Ms Meng, Chairperson of the School Board attended the welcome ceremony.

Principal Zhang delivered a welcome speech.

Principal Chen for the HK school spoke of the school’s holistic education philosophy and the school’s purpose of “learning from benevolence and practice to help”, as well as the teaching team and curriculum features.

Special Guests presented commemorative gifts and school flags to each other on behalf of the two schools. At the same time, every pair of students in the audience also gave each other commemorative gifts to express their friendship.

There were various performances by students of both schools.

In the afternoon, students went into the classrooms with their school companions, They experienced a variety of classes - Chinese, English, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Art, Science and other subjects.

Teachers from the HK School also observed several other classes.

After studying in class, students from the two schools participated in fun sports activities.

The management of the two schools had exchanges on school running concepts, curriculum features, teaching management and teacher training,

The next day the visitors attended the Opening of the 24th Sports Meet of our school and some students competed in some races.

On leaving, the visitors left postcards for their school friends.

This visit and exchange activity between Guangzhou and Hong Kong schools was not only a lot of fun, but a lot was learnt by all who took part, visors and hosts alike! We hope for many more exchanges in the future!

2023-2024 Parent Orientation – October 10, 11, 12, 2023


Over three days we held Parent Orientation for the Elementary Bilingual English program. We had three afternoons when parents come to school to learn about the English program from our Western teachers and the Teaching Assistants.

On Tuesday we had Grade 3 and 6, on Wednesday we had Grade 2 and 5, on Thursday we had Grades 1, 4 and the English Language Support Program.

We estimate that we had over 1700 parents coming to the school to hear about their child’s program. The parents heard about the Grade Level English expectations for the year, the curriculum areas that will be covered, the management plans for each teacher, classroom routines, different programs, homework and how to help their children at home.

Each Grade level met together as a group and then went back to the classrooms to see each teacher and the student work around the rooms.

All parents received a “Parent Pack” on October 20th that outlines all the main points from the Orientation. This Parent Pack can be referred to by the parents at any time, and is a useful document to keep at home.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to hear about our great English program.

2022-2023 Events

Special Visitor at Open House.

Ms Li, also known as Principal Li, visited the Open House to take a look at her "old school".

She is pictured here with the School Director, Western Associate Principal and current Principal.

Ms Li was Principal of Clifford Elementary Bilingual from 2001-2008.

Since then she has visited the school for almost every Open House.