2018-19 School Events

Grade 6 Graduation

The final event for Clifford 2018-2019 Graduating class was the Graduation Ceremony. Students, Administrators, teachers and parents were there to see the 340 students receive graduation certificates in a ceremony that included speeches, performances and presentations. Teachers also received flowers from the students in appreciation for their hard work. Each student was presented their graduation certificate by a member of the Elementary Administration. It was a moment for teachers, parents and the students themselves to show pride in their achievements. We wish all graduating students success as they continue their education journey in Secondary School and beyond!

Oink N Oink Reading House Dream Library Awards (June 2019)

Our Elementary School Library entered the Oink n Oink Reading House Dream School Library Competition and was one of the Finalists. Well done to the librarians, especially Ms. Siby, our English program librarian.


Here is the message from Oink n Oink Reading House.


Congratulations to Clifford Elementary Bilingual School on winning My Dream Library Finalist Prize! 

Your library will receive 100 copies of free original English books and a RMB 1000 Oink n Oink book fair free book coupon. The reward will be distributed to your school in late August.

Hope these books resources could enrich your school library and let the students find the joy of reading! And we also hope that we could bring more new English books to your school in the future.

Best regards,

Oink n Oink Reading House


Grade 6 Graduating Classes (spring 2019)

 As we near the end of the year the Grade 6 students are preparing for their final Chinese and English exams. They did take a little time off to make some memories by taking class photos they will keep to look at over the years. With over 330 Grade 6 students, it was a little difficult to set up the whole class photo, but we managed. Here you can see all the classes from A to J with their Western and Chinese teachers and Teaching Assistants. We wish all our graduates great success in the future as the move onto the next stage of their education.

Open House: Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3) - April 20th

On Saturday, more than a thousand parents, friends and visitors of the school came to watch English and Chinese demonstration lessons as well as take part in some Chinese classroom activities on the theme of “The Arts”, including, a giant puzzle poster, artworks made with fruit and Play Doh. There was also a lot of student art around the school for parents and visitors to see as well. Clifford’s Open House program promotes the school in the community and features the benefits of our bilingual curriculum. Thank you to all the parents, friends and visitors who came to our Lower Elementary Open House event!

Another Very Successful Literacy Month in March!

Congratulations Clifford Elementary Bilingual School!!  This year we had another very big Reading Month! The total minutes the students’ read during Literacy Month is 1,465,673 minutes!  We also had a total of 2,804 Guest Readers come to our classes to read! Well done students, parents and teachers!


The final total was announced during the Book Character Dress Up day! Students and teachers dressed up as a favorite book character and we all assembled by the flagpole for the announcement. In keeping with years past, we have reached all our goals. This year our goal was again 1 million, 200 thousand minutes. We managed to break that goal very easily!


For achieving this goal, the students will celebrate by having a classroom literacy party, a buffet lunch, no homework for a weekend and time for an outdoor literacy activity. Classrooms also receive extra books for their classroom reading libraries as rewards for the number of minutes the students read. For each 1,500 minutes they receive one extra book. Classes also receive one extra book for each four guest readers they have during the month. Most classes earned around 50 extra books, with two classes earning 90 extra books for their classroom!


March is always a fun time at Clifford School and this March was no different.  Students participated in reading activities such as Peer Reading - with a student from a different grade and DEAR reading, which we had twice a week for silent reading time.  Each class had a number of guest readers that came to our classes to read.  We had parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, friends, tutors and other students come to read to our classes. 


We also had a fantastic Book Fair, where we sold over 110,000 RMB worth of English books. That means we were able to choose over 11,000 RMB worth of books for the library and classrooms. Literacy Month was created a several years ago to promote English reading.  By doing this, we have improved English comprehension, vocabulary recognition, grammar usage and the students interest in reading for pleasure!  Students were responsible for keeping a reading log that their teachers checked twice each week.


The Literacy Committee would like to thank all the teachers, guest readers and especially the students in grades 1-6 that have worked so hard to improve their reading skills while exceeding our school wide goal of 1,200,000 minutes! Congratulations Clifford Elementary Bilingual Students!  Fantastic Reading!  Keep it up all year round!  

Field Trip to Chimelong Amusement Park – March, 2019

On Friday, March 22nd the Elementary Bilingual students (G1-G6) were treated to a fun filled day at Chimelong Amusement Park. There were lots of fun things to do and the students enjoyed the day out and about, sharing the good times with their classmates, in addition to their Chinese and Western teachers.

Elementary Bilingual March into Reading Book Fair Success = Free Books

Thanks to everyone in the school community for making the Elementary Bilingual March into Reading Book Fair such a great success. Because you were so supportive we were able to receive free books for our Elementary Bilingual Libraries. We received 293 books from the “Oink n Oink” book distributing company. We have some great titles, from fun fiction and graphic novels to non-fiction titles that support our curriculum. These books will be available shortly, for students to borrow, in the two Elementary Bilingual libraries. Also, some of these titles will be available on our next Oink n Oink” book club order in May. Look out for them.

Book Fair Success

Our Oink n Oink Elementary Bilingual Book Fair was a great success. Because there were so many fantastic books, we managed to sell over 110,000 RMB of books. As a result, we were able to add 293 free new books to our school libraries!! Thank you to all the students, parents and friends for supporting March into Reading.

Christmas Concert - December 21st

On December 21st the Elementary students who have English Music classes this semester held a Christmas Concert. The Grades One, Two and Three students had a joyful time celebrating the Christmas Season. Santa was there to help our music teacher, Miss Lisa, with the singing of lots of fun Christmas songs. The students had learnt the songs during the month December in the Music classes. In the English classes the students have been learning about Christmas during their studies of Seasons. This year we had extra cheer with the addition of bells for some of the songs!


The students sang around 20 songs they learned. Two of their favorites are “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “S-A-N-T-A” When they sang those songs, Santa appeared! He gave each class teacher candy canes for every student! Students also sang “What I Want for Christmas”. We had fun playing the “Santa Says” game. We finished with “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “The Happy Dance”. The teachers and students really enjoyed our annual Christmas concert again this year! The student looked great with their Santa hats on! Merry Christmas everyone!

Grade 4 Field Trip to Clifford Lake Observing Public Facilities - December 12th 

Every year, grade four studies a social studies unit on Public Facilities. We open our eyes to recognize these in the city all around us. We think and discuss what kind of behavior is respectful and caring, and what kind of behavior is disrespectful and damaging to these facilities. Then we take a field trip to the lake to see them and experience them in real life.


We learn what an excellent facility the sidewalk is, and that we should share it and not litter it with trash. We found playgrounds where we can enjoy ourselves, but also learned to take turns and that the little children come first. If there are little children present, we need to calm down or go play elsewhere. We found a supermarket where we bought ice-cream to enjoy, and we were very careful to make sure that all of our trash made it into the trashcan.


We stopped several times in our trip around the lake to observe and point out the public facilities all around us. Somebody noticed some trash left by other people, and we decided to clean it up ourselves, in a brilliant stroke of community spirit! One of the most important public facilities we saw was the lights! Lights are so common, and easy to forget, but they are the biggest safety feature at the lake! We wouldn’t feel safe there at night without the lights, would we?? We are all so grateful for the facilities provided for us, and we will do our best to maintain them respectfully!

Open House: Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6) - December 8th

On Saturday, more than a thousand parents, friends and visitors of the school came to watch English and Chinese demonstration lessons as well as take part in some Chinese classroom activities including Science activities with Grade 4, a Science competition with Grade 5, airplane games with Grade 6 and a concert performance in the Recreation Center. Clifford’s Open House program promotes the school in the community and features the benefits of our bilingual curriculum. Thank you to all the parents, friends and visitors who came to our Upper Elementary Open House event!

2018 G1-3 Elementary Bilingual Halloween - Friday, October 26th

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays we celebrate all year, especially for children. Having a day that is filled with spooky ghosts, creepy gremlins and all sorts of make believe creatures only intensifies the magic that surrounds the day. Halloween is a time for kids to collect as much candy as they can and sit with their friends comparing and sharing their candies. The students at Clifford had the chance to be any imaginary person or creature that they could think of. The students in Grades 1 – 3 started the day by presenting their costumes to the rest of the school in the Parade. Students were judged by a panel of teachers to see who had worn the best costume and those who won were awarded. The teachers then took their students to another classroom and to the Administration for “Trick or Treat”, where they collected candy. After all the candy was collected the students returned to their main classroom where they spent the remaining class time playing Halloween games, making a Halloween craft and watching a short Halloween movie. It was a delightful day and all the students looked amazing in their Halloween costumes! 

2018 G4-6 Elementary Bilingual Halloween - Friday, October 26th

Students in the upper elementary building (G4, 5 & 6) had a great time at Halloween this year. More than 80% of the students dressed up for this special event! There were princesses, ghosts, cartoon characters, and scary faces, to name a few of the many interesting and creative costumes. The students celebrated by receiving some candy by trick-or-treating. First they went to receive candy from the English and Chinese administrative staff and then they visited various classrooms in the building. Students were engaged in Halloween activities in the classroom making scary bookmarks, crafts and artwork! Some classes had a scary movie to watch too! Everyone had a great time and we look forward to another successful event next year too!

School Field Trip – September 27th and 28th

Nansha Life Safety Education Base

All of our Elementary students were treated to a day of learning about safety and team building during a trip to Nansha, located 45 mins away from Clifford. Grade 1, 3 and 6 went on Thursday and Grade 2, 4 and 5 on Friday. Each class was given a leader from the base and they led the students around a variety of fun and interactive activities where the students learned about safety and also how to work together as a team. Some of the activities included were – evacuations (from a building and a bus), fire safety, resuscitation, knot tying, how to behave during a typhoon or earthquake and many different activities that required the class to work together as a team. It was a great day for all of the students. As well as having a fun day out, they learned important life safety skills. Everyone looks forward to the next whole school field trip in spring!

2018-2019 Parent Orientation September 18th to September 26th

The last two weeks of September were Parent Orientation for the Elementary Bilingual English program. We have four afternoons when parents come to school to learn about the English program from our Western teachers and the Teaching Assistants. On Tuesday we had Grade 3 and 6, on Wednesday we had Grade 2 and 5, on Thursday we had Grades 1, 4 and the following Wednesday was the day was for the English Language Support Program. We had over 1,700 parents coming to the school to hear about their child’s program. The parents heard about the Grade Level English expectations for the year, the curriculum areas that will be covered, the management plans for each teacher, classroom routines, different programs, homework and how to help their children at home. Each Grade level met together as a group and then went back to the classrooms to see each teacher and the student work around the rooms. All parents received a “Parent Pack” at the end of the week that outlines all the main points from the Orientation. This Parent Pack can be referred to by the parents at any time, and is a useful document to keep at home.  Thank you to all the parents who came along to hear about our great English program!

Elementary Bilingual New Library Books - September 13

This semester the Elementary Library took delivery of almost 300 new books. The books are for the Lower Elementary (188) and Upper Elementary (93) libraries, and are now available for students to browse and borrow. Each semester the two libraries add to their shelves English books that we believe the students will enjoy, as well as books that support our program. Every week all students have a 40 minute English library time, where they can read, enjoy and borrow library books. The Grade 1 and 2 students have a lesson with the Library teacher where they learn about how to use the library as well as how to look after library books. The Library teacher also teaches the students a “love of reading” through reading and sharing stories together. The library books the students borrow each week are for student enjoyment, and students borrow them based on their interests. Sometimes they cannot “read” the whole book, but they can still enjoy the book and share it with other students or members of their family. We hope everyone enjoys the books in the library, and that students develop a strong love for reading for enjoyment.

Opening Day Ceremony - August 29

Wednesday, August 29th was the first day of the 2018-19 school year! The day started with Clifford's Opening Day Ceremony. Over 1,965 elementary students were in attendance along with all of the Chinese and foreign professional teaching staff.  

Teacher Conference - August 27

On Monday, August 27th, all staff at Clifford School attended a Faculty conference. Dr. Clifford Pang, the Chairman of the School Board, gave the keynote speech where he talked about Clifford School, as a flagship of private education in South China, on par with international standards, should have some new requirements accordingly for its teachers, in terms of professional qualities and educational responsibilities. He listed these under four qualities.


1.       The spirit of dedication

2.       Profound professional attainments

3.       A loving and caring heart

4.       The desire and skills to innovate


Dr. Pang stated “Nowadays, science and technology advance rapidly, and international competition is fierce.  Consequently, teachers have to shoulder the great mission of educational advancement, national prosperity and rejuvenation, along with professional responsibilities of imparting knowledge, truth, thinking skills, guiding students’ growth and developing their characters and talents.” 


He concluded with the following statement. “Our everlasting pursuit (at Clifford School) is to prepare 'bilingually proficient, multi-culturally acquired' students for international co-operation, competition and contribution.” He also encouraged teachers to feel happy and proud at Clifford School, and we should feel it is a place for us all to showcase our talents and meet our personal and professional  aspirations.


The School Director, a Chinese Teacher and a Western teacher all responded to Dr. Pang’s speech and further reinforced our need to take on the responsibilities of education in an ever changing world. Several teachers and other staff members were awarded “Outstanding Staff Member” awards from the 2017-2018 school year.