Online Classes - April 2022

Due to circumstances in Guangzhou, Elementary Schools moved to Online classes from April 11th, 2022.

Students taking part in Online Western English classes (April, 2022)


Over two weeks in April all the Elementary students were at home participating in online classes. The Western English program had two classes each day. Teachers provided a wide variety of activities and interacted with the students each day for their classes. The classes covered all the same topics that would be covered in their regular offline classes, including reading, writing, listening, speaking and some thematic lessons.  Each day the students were also assigned short tasks they could complete after class to reinforce the lessons that were taught that day.


Students responded very well and enjoyed interacting with the teachers. They were very responsible and took the lessons and home tasks very seriously. We are very proud of our students for the positive way they approached their Western English lessons each day! We hope we can keep having offline classes at school, but if we have to go online again, we know both teachers and students are prepared!

Teachers and TAs Start Online Classes


The week of April 11 to April 15 was the first week this year where we were required to hold our classes online.

Elementary Bilingual teachers and Teaching Assistants worked together so they could set up quickly and were ready for action, after solving some initial technological and network issues. By Tuesday, all teachers and TAs were offering live classes and the students were so happy to see their faces and hear from them. It’s great to see teachers interacting with the students with animation and a smile.

Providing interesting and fun lessons is important to keep the students engaged.

We are now in our second week, and teachers will always be well prepared a week in advance, for whenever we are required to go online in the future.

Teachers and TAs work together during the classes, and also spend the rest of the work day answering questions, helping students, checking work and providing feedback for the work submitted by the students. It’s a very busy day, even when students are not on campus.

Whatever are the challenges, we at Clifford can meet them, enthusiastically, professionally and with a smile.

Well done teachers and well done students!