Our School Facilities


The Clifford Bilingual Elementary school is on the campus that is shared by Clifford Bilingual Kindergarten, Clifford Bilingual Secondary and the Clifford International Program. The Bilingual Elementary program has two buildings.


The Lower Elementary building has more than 60 classrooms over three levels. The middle level, level 2, is exclusively arranged for the English Program. Students come to the English floor for either the entire morning or afternoon.


The Upper Elementary building has more than 90 classrooms spread over 6 floors. Floors 3 and 4 are exclusively reserved for the English program in this building. Just like in Lower Elementary, the students come to the English floor(s) for a half day in the morning or afternoon.

Other Facilities on the Campus:

*Note - some facilities are for the exclusive use of the Bilingual Elementary program and some are shared with the other departments at the school.

  • Dormitories for boarding students
  • Large Administration Building housing the School Director’s Office, Foreign Affairs Offices and other Administrative Offices
  • Two large Libraries (exclusively for Bilingual Elementary) one for Lower Elementary and one for Upper Elementary. They include thousands of English books including Reading Resource Rooms for leveled reading books and materials, as well as a Teaching Resources Room.
  • School Clinic with nursing staff
  • Numerous Cafeterias (for staff and students' breakfasts, lunches and dinners)
  • Indoor Gym (exclusively for Bilingual Elementary)
  • Olympic-size Swimming Pool
  • Full-size track and Sports Field
  • Numerous Basketball Courts
  • Three full Computer Labs (exclusively for Bilingual Elementary)
  • Music Room (exclusively for Bilingual Elementary)
  • Two Lecture Halls (exclusively for Bilingual Elementary)
  • Large modern Recreation Center (built in 2014) – this facility is used by all departments and the outside community as well. It includes a large gym, an auditorium, smaller rooms and meeting facilities suitable for a conference event.

English Classrooms

Each Western teacher, and their Teaching Assistant (TA), have their own classroom for their exclusive use. The students come to the Western English classroom for either the whole morning or the whole afternoon. In each classroom, there are the following equipment and resources:

  • Students in the English program work at 6/7-seat rectangular tables
  • An extra round table and chairs in the classrooms for small group work (G3, G4, G5 & G6)
  • Large carpet square (G1 & G2)
  • Internet-connected computer connected to HD projector, for large projection for all the class to see
  • Document (overhead) camera, stereo sound system
  • Camera and microphone for creating lesson videos or for online teaching (when necessary)
  • Reading resources – a large classroom library with a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books for students to read
  • Various teaching resources – depending on the grade level
  • Activities, games and materials for students to use during break time

Photos Around Campus