English Language Support (ELS) Teachers

The English Language Support (ELS) program has seven full-time English teachers. The ELS takes students whose English skills aren’t strong enough to handle regular homeroom work. Students that are assessed and placed in the ELS program benefit from small classes (anywhere from 8 to 15 students). ELS teachers offer them an intensive English language program with the sole goal of returning them back to their regular English classes with the language skills needed to be successful. ELS students are assessed four times during the school year to return to the homeroom. Over the years, students from the ELS that return to the homeroom tend to remain in the homeroom, with a 99% retention rate. While learners learn a second language at different rates, most students only require one or two semesters to return to the homeroom. ELS teachers work on a supportive team where they share resources and best teaching practices.

Tshepo Makgoba

Nationality: South African

Year starting at Clifford: 2021

Position: LELS 1 English teacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, TEFL

Teaching Experiences: I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in China since 2018.

"I am excited to help students at Clifford Bilingual learn English in a fun and engaging way. I want to see students become more confident                                                                         with using English to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and life                                                                 experiences.”

Mark Briscoe

Nationality: Australian

Year starting at Clifford: 2013

Position: English Language Support (ELS) Teacher

Qualifications: Masters TESOL

Teaching Experiences: Taught in Thailand and China

“It's an honour to watch students progress from little or no English to confident and competent communicators of English.”

Ryan Otto

Nationality: South Africa

Year starting at Clifford: 2020

Position: Substitute

Qualifications:Bachelor of Arts, TEFL

Teaching Experiences: Three years teaching in Guangzhou

“My goal is to ensure the students work environment is stimulating, rewarding and interesting and to promote students to actively participate and have fun while learning.”

Chris Tataryn

Nationality: Canadian

Year starting at Clifford: 2015

Position: English Language Support (ELS) Teacher

Qualifications: Bachelor of International Relations, Post-graduate Graphic Design, TEFL certificate, Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Experiences: I've taught in China, Korea, Peru and Canada

“I am looking forward to many years filled with student success and                                                                learning.  Happy to be at Clifford!”