Clifford School's                               Elementary Bilingual English Program

A Bit About Us

Established in 1996, Clifford Bilingual School is a private preK-12 school that offers students a bilingual education in Chinese and English. The majority of its 2,000+ students in the Elementary Bilingual English program are made up of non-native English speakers primarily from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Clifford Bilingual School is CITA/Advanced accredited and follows a standard Chinese curriculum and a unique Clifford English curriculum.

"Empowering our students with a bilingual education for new global opportunities."

2022-2023 Elementary Bilingual Staff (June, 2023)
2022-2023 Elementary Bilingual Staff (June, 2023)

Clifford School is a private school located in Clifford Estates about a 30 minute drive from Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province. The school has Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary and International programs. In total, these programs combine to have over 4,000 students at Clifford School.


The Elementary Bilingual program now has over 2,000 students, about half of the student population. The program has two buildings: Lower Elementary (grades 1-3) and Upper Elementary (grades 4-6). The entire Elementary Bilingual program has a Chinese faculty of around 170 teachers, and a Western (Foreign) faculty of 43 teachers. Clifford School is very unique in China. The program has been built creatively, taking advantage of both the Chinese and Western learning methodologies.


Feel free to browse our website and be sure check out the Highlights section to see all of the interesting things we are doing in our classrooms! You can also visit Clifford School's other bilingual programs by visiting the following website links:

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*Special Advisory (issued January 2016): Please be wary of any unsolicited email that is offering you a job from Clifford School, no matter how professional the email looks. They will sometimes ask you to send them thousands of dollars for various reasons as a prior condition to completing their bogus contract. Please be careful with any contract offered that asks for money! We will never ask you to send us money!!!