Administrative Staff

Ross Konings

Nationality: Australian

Year starting at Clifford: 2005

Position: Elementary Bilingual Associate Principal

Qualifications: Degree in Teaching (Primary)

Teaching Experiences: Taught in Australia, Botswana and China

“I really enjoy watching the students grow though their time at Clifford Bilingual - from being very shy, to speaking English, to being comfortable having serious discussions. I am also lucky to work with fantastic Western Teachers and Chinese Teaching Assistants. Every day at work is a great pleasure!”

Peter Dykeman

Nationality: Canadian

Year starting at Clifford: 2009

Position: Dean of Administration, Elementary Bilingual program

Qualifications: Masters TESOL, BA Business & Politics

Teaching Experiences: Teaching and administrating education in China since 2005

“I've enjoyed my time teaching and being an administrator at Clifford School. It's great to see the students' English skills improve on a daily basis. Together, as a teaching team, we can strive to make a positive impact with these students every day!”

Steven Toth

Nationality: Canadian

Year starting at Clifford: 2015

Position: English Language Support (ELS) Coordinator

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts; TESL Certified

Teaching Experiences: Taught for 5 years in Zhuhai, China

“I am very thankful and happy to join Clifford School and look forward to teaching my students. I am excited to see the students improve their English and learn another language.”

Chinese & English Administrative Staff