Administrative Staff

Ross Konings

Nationality: Australian

Year starting at Clifford: 2005

Position: Elementary Bilingual Associate Principal

Qualifications: Degree in Teaching (Primary)

Teaching Experiences: Taught in Australia, Botswana and China

“Having been at Clifford for over 15 years, it has been an amazing experience to see how the school has grown. It's my pleasure to lead the Elementary Bilingual Program with such a widely experienced and     professional staff. The students here are really lucky to have such         great teachers”


Vince McDermott

Nationality: American

Year starting at Clifford: 2015

Position: Upper Elementary Bilingual Dean

Qualifications: Master in Elementary Education

Teaching Experiences: One year in USA, and 4 years in South Korea

"I am very passionate about teaching, guiding, and helping students                                                                grow intellectually and emotionally. For kids to learn and grow best                                                                  there needs to be a strong collaborative effort between teachers,                                                                    parents, and students. School should be fun."

Jonathan Webb

Nationality: British

Year starting at Clifford: 2017

Position: Lower Elementary Bilingual Dean

Qualifications: Masters of Education, Bilingual Education

Teaching ExperiencesEngland and Thailand 

 To do your best and to see your students trying their best, growing and succeeding is very rewarding to me. I really enjoy the times when I see in the eyes of my students they have moved from one level to another and want to know more!"