School Events Calendar

 Clifford Elementary Bilingual School Calendar 2018-2019


First Semester


August 2018

21 Tuesday

New Western faculty for medical check-up and orientation

Western Administration returns to work

22 Wednesday

Returning Western Faculty & TAs returns to work

23-24 Thursday-Friday

Western Faculty Orientation, Professional Development and Classroom Preparation

27 Monday

Faculty Conference in the morning

28 Tuesday

Team Meetings & Classroom Preparation

29 Wednesday

First day of school (Opening Ceremony in the morning; classes begin in the afternoon)

September 2018

18, 19 & 20 Tuesday-Thursday

Parent Orientation: G6 & G1(18th), G5 & G2(19th), G4 & G3(20th)

22-24 Saturday – Monday

Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

26 Wednesday

Parent Orientation: ELS

29-30 Saturday

School in Session

October 2018

1-7 Monday-Sunday 

National Holiday

8 Monday 

School in Session

17 Wednesday

Book Club Orders Collected

26 Friday


November 2018

5 Monday

English Language Support & Homeroom Placements

December 2018

8 Saturday

Open House: Upper Elementary Bilingual Program (half day)

21 Friday

Last day of work for Western Faculty

Christmas Holiday

29 Saturday

School in Session

30-31 Sunday-Monday

New Year Holiday

January 2019

1 Tuesday

New Year Holiday

2 Wednesday

Western Faculty returns to work. School in session

16 Wednesday

Last day of work for Western Faculty

19 Saturday

Last day of school for first semester (half day)

20 Monday

Chinese New Year Holiday


Second Semester


February 2019

16 Saturday

Western Faculty return to work  (no students)

18 Monday 

First day of school: classes begin in the morning

English Language Support & Homeroom Placements

March 2019

1-31 whole month

Literacy Month Campaign

8 Thursday

Women’s Day (half day off for Chinese women staff)

23 Saturday

Opening Ceremony of New Sports Field (half day)

25 Monday

Elementary Sports Day (afternoon)

26 Tuesday

Elementary Sports Day

April 2019

5-7 Friday- Sunday

Qing Ming Holiday

8 Sunday

School in Session

20 Saturday

Open House: Lower Elementary Bilingual Program (half day)

May 2019

1 Wednesday

Labor Day Holiday 

2 Thursday

School in Session

8 Wednesday

Book Club Orders Collected

31 Friday

Children’s Day

June 2019

7-9 Friday-Sunday

Dragon Boat Holiday

July 2019

3 Wednesday

Last day of work for Western Faculty