School Events Calendar 2020-21

Aug 2020

                          The Clifford School Calendar 2020-21

24 Mon

Physical check-up for the new Western faculty

Western administrators return to work

25 Tues

Western faculty returns to workOrientation, professional development and classroom preparation

Newly-hired Chinese faculty orientation

26 Wed

Chinese administrators and Administrative staff return to work

27 Thurs

Chinese faculty returns for preparation and professional development     

29 Sat

Western faculty work half day

30 Sun

Boarding students return to school

31 Mon

First day of school : opening ceremony is held in the morning; classes begin in the afternoon

Sep 10 Thurs

Faculty Conference at 16:30

27 Sun

School in session

Oct 2020


1-8 Thurs-Thurs

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday

10  Sat

School in session

Nov 12-13 Th-Fri

Elementary Sports Day

19-20 Th-Fri

Secondary Sports Day

Dec 5 Sat

Secondary Open House (half day)

Upper Elementary Open House (half day)

12 Sat

Kindergarten Open House (half day)

23 Wed

 Western faculty leave school at 12:00 for Christmas/ Winter Holiday 

Jan 1-3 Fri-Sun

New Year Holiday

4 Mon

Chinese and Western faculty returns to work. School in session

21 Thurs

Last half day for western faculty.

22 Fri

Last day of school, Chinese New Year /Winter vacation begins for students

23 Sat

Last half day for Chinese staffChinese New Year /Winter vacation begins from 12:00

Feb 19 Fri

Chinese administrator, life care staff , librarians, lab assistantsTAs return to work


Western faculty return to work                                                   

20 Sat

All the faculty return to work 

21 Sun

Boarding students return to school

22 Mon

First day of school: classes begin in the morning

Apr 3-5 Sat-Mon

Qing Ming Holiday

17 Sat

Secondary Open Househalf day   

Lower Elementary Open House (half day)

24 Sat

School in session

30 Fri

Labor Day Holiday 

May 1-4 Sat-Tue

Labor Day Holiday

8 Sat

School in session

Jun 12-14  Sat-Mon

Dragon Boat Holiday

Jul 7  Wed

Last day of work for Western faculty

10  Sat

Last day of school for students, summer vacation begins

12 Mon

Summer vacation begins for Chinese faculty

Note: 1. Mid-term and final exams are scheduled by each department.  2. Western faculty-parents conference (two days) is scheduled by each department.  3. It is subject to change if needed.