Specialist Classes Highlights (Learning in Action!)

Ms. Siby's G1 & G2 Library Class (June 2019) 


Reading for Fun and for Learning!


When children learn foreign languages, picture books can stimulate their learning motivation, help them learn vocabulary and grammar, and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Every G1 & G2 class has an English library class once a week with the library teacher. The library teacher will lead students into the world of picture book reading.


Pre-readingBefore reading, the teacher gives some background introduction and/or information, which can help students better understand the story, and also enables them to learn some knowledge related to the story .Teacher will talk with students about picture book topic, author, illustrator, etc., and make predictions about picture book contents.


While-reading: Help students to understand the picture book’s information and train students' reading skills. The main task is to understand the general idea and to obtain specific or detailed information of the story through reading.


After reading the story, students take their cards and pick out books they want to borrow. Students will sit at the tables reading books quietly. Through reading the original picture books, children can gradually build up their English language skills. The teacher calls students individually to come up and get their books and go back to sit on the carpet. Students love the library class