Previous Grade 5 Highlights

Mr. Lee's Grade 5 Class (May 2018)


Weekly Word Study


Every week the students in Grade 5 look at different sets of words in “word study”. This week, the class learnt words ending in “-ent & -ant”. Students learnt that words ending with these letters are usually nouns. Our class wrote the different vocabulary words covered in the lesson into their word study notebooks by writing the word, type of word such as noun or adjective and the definition. The teacher would guide and explain the meaning and context of each word.


Once students have finished writing down the notes, students then thought of their own sentences using the new words that were taught in the lesson. Students can work in pairs or by themselves. Students are expected to number each sentence, underline the new vocabulary, include a title and then decorate and color the paper they wrote. The teacher will check each paper to ensure each word is being used correctly in the sentence.


While the students are writing their sentences the teacher would go around helping each student. Later students will play a Word Study Game. Students will split themselves into teams of three or four and be given a mini-whiteboard, whiteboard marker and eraser. The game consists of two parts: guessing the vocabulary word through visuals and matching definitions with the correct vocabulary. Students have a limited time for each question. Each correct answer will reward a point for their team and the team that has the most points will be given ice cream as a reward.


During these varied activities each week the students learn how English words are made (rather than memorizing a list of words). This helps them in their reading, writing, listening and speaking, as these kinds of words occur a lot in English.

Mr. Carl's Class: Grade 5


Learning Can Be Fun!


Now that second semester has started, our class reviewed grammar and word study that they have learned from first semester.  The ultimate goal for any lesson is learning. It is just a matter of how the teacher decides how to accomplish that goal. For this week’s review lessons, the students picked 3-person teams for grammar while I drew student cards to make teams for Word Study.


To make it interesting and fun, questions were put on the projector and each team wrote the answers on a mini white board.  They then switched with another team to receive points for correct answers.  Before the lesson was over, each team earned chances to throw balls at a dart board for points.  The team with the most points won a prize.  The last time I did something like this, teams shot baskets for amount of points depending on how far away from the basket they were.  I was pleased to see the students engaged and learning while having fun in the process.


We also worked hard at finishing their Pen Pal letters to new friends in the United States. They wrote about themselves; physical and personality traits, birthdays, where they were born and about their family members.  They also wrote about interesting and important things in their lives like, their country, food they normally eat, Chinese holidays, favorite subjects, hobbies, games, pets, and so on.  Since they are fascinated with their future pen pals, many questions were asked to them as well.  In this respect, we have actually extended our learning across the world!

Ms. Maria's Class: Grade 5


2-minute Speeches and Geography


For a few weeks now, students in my class have been working on and practicing 2 minute speeches.  Their topic was “Their favorite food and why”.  We first started by planning out what each student was going to talk about and spent several lessons working on their speech before practicing and presenting it. 


In some of their speeches, students have talked about the history of their dish.  Other students have told stories about the first time they ate their “now favorite dish”, and yet others have described how to make their favorite dish.  Throughout the whole speech, everyone gave reasons why they enjoyed and loved their dishes. 


It has been a difficult learning process with many students falling short of the 2-minute mark but there have been many who have been successful in reaching the learning goal. However, we have been helping students by giving suggestions on how to improve their speeches and how to make them longer. We will continue to practice and present this speech until every single student has successfully presented for 2 minutes. 


We have also just started to work on their next unit in Social Studies about The Pearl River and its surroundings. The students have been exposed to many new words and their definitions.  They are starting to get ready to make maps using the English names for locations they know in Chinese. The students have been very inquisitive about the new vocabulary and have asked several questions about what they mean, and how they relate to areas like Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, and Zhuhai.

Mr. D’s Class: Grade 5


Grammar Ball


In a recent lesson, my students were presented with examples of present perfect progressive verbs, present perfect simple verbs, and past simple verbs through whole class instruction. Sentences were modeled by the classroom teacher, and specific examples were shown via the overhead LCD projector to the whiteboard.  Individual instruction was provided by both the T.A. and classroom teacher.


Five groups (grouped by table with weekly table leaders) were tasked to create sentences (one sentence per group member) using present perfect progressive verbs, present perfect simple verbs,  and past simple verbs on erasable sentence strips.


Students were encouraged to use correct punctuation, correct spelling, and proper subject/predicate agreement based on prior knowledge from previous grammar lessons, word study vocabulary, and past journal entries. Upon completion of all table members’ sentences, table leaders then read all sentence strips from their respective group to the entire class.


After all sentence strips were read at the table by the table leader, group members were then given the opportunity to be awarded points by throwing a ball at a target.  Any group member who hit the center of the target earned one “dojo point” for the entire group.  Each student was given two opportunities to throw at the target. Class Dojo points are redeemed for prizes every Friday!

Ms. Lisa's Class: Grade 5


Horse Race Review


The ultimate goal for any lesson is learning.  It’s just a matter of how the teacher decides to accomplish that goal. This week, my students worked in “collaborative study table groups” to review their first-semester vocabulary.


We first started with Peer-Review. Each table was given a notebook filled with past practice pages of vocabulary and definitions the students studied during first semester. Students were asked to review their word study lists with their tablemates and elbow buddies. They did this by using review tests with definitions, parts of speech and words, word searches, as well as verbally quizzing each other.  Students were encouraged to write out the words they didn’t understand in their “own words” in sentences, and explain the word to their elbow buddy. Students then took part in “Flash Card Buddy Quizzing”. For this task, elbow buddies cut out study-buddy cards and took turns quizzing each other on their weekly vocabulary words.


After finishing a variety of review activities in peer groups, students were grouped into table teams and asked to collaborate on answering the teacher’s questions as a team. Students were read the definitions by the teacher directly out of the practice pages that they reviewed earlier with their peer buddy. The first table team to match the correct vocabulary word with the correct definition moved their horse forward in the horse race.  The table that won their horse race first got a special first-place prize. Classroom Dojo points were also awarded for good participation among all of the students. Students loved participating in their very first horse race!