Our Home Learning Program

Elementary Bilingual English Home Learning Program


During the time of the school closure our English teachers and TAs have been very busy preparing work for the students so they can continue their English studies and practice English at home. For the first three weeks the teachers and TAs prepared materials for the students to revise work they had completed in Semester 1. This work consisted of videos, worksheets, games, activities and PPTs. Last week we started a more interactive program, so we could introduce and teach new work every day. Every English teacher created a class Wechat group for sharing work and asking questions – for each class, all students, the English teacher and the TA are in the group.


Lessons are prepared for each day of the week. All the teachers record a video explaining and teaching the material to be covered. There are also written instructions prepared (and translated). Materials are also created, including videos, PPTs, worksheets, songs and games. The teachers post the daily lessons onto the class Wechat where the students can see the work and ask questions of the teacher and TA any time of day. For students who want extra practice, there are also optional activities, games, books to read and listen to.


Every day students are greeted with a welcome video from their own class teacher! Whilst it is not the same as teaching in classroom, the students are able to interact with their teachers and TAs who help them to complete the daily tasks. This has been a great addition to our teaching from home program and I know all the students and teachers love listening to and chatting with each other as they learn and teach new English skills.


We all look forward to meeting back in the classrooms soon!