Classroom Highlights (Learning in Action!)

Mr. Kevin Grade 2 (October 2020)


Phonics Lesson


In this week’s phonics lesson, students began learning about s-blends. We see s-blends in words such as swam, skin, slug, scar, step, smell, star, span, spot and snail. On the first day, students listened to an s-blends song and had to try to remember as many words as possible. They then viewed a PowerPoint with the teacher to learn how to pronounce each word. Students then copied the words in their books so they could practice at home.

On the second day, students read a story containing a number of s-blends. After reading the story together as a class, students got their own copy of the book and then had to find and underline all the s-blends in their books.

On the third day, students practiced writing the different s-blend words on their whiteboards. First the teacher would call out five words and students had to write them down. Next, a student volunteer got to pick and call out the 5 s-blend words for the whole class. Then, students got to find one or more friends and practice writing and calling the phonics words.

For the final phonics class of the week, students reviewed all the s-blends they had learned that week and then played s-blend bingo. Bingo winners got to take stamps and table points.

With lots of different and fun activities the students enjoy learning their phonics each week.

Mr. James Grade 2 (October, 2020)


I want to be a Super Hero! Teaching People Nouns



Nouns are an essential and exciting part of the English language. A “Noun” is a word that names something, and in Grade 2 grammar classes, we categorise nouns into “People,” “Places,” “Things” and “Animals.” This class focussed on “People,” and their professions.

The Hook

As an engaging opening to the class, we watched and sang the fun Schoolhouse Rock “Nouns Song.


As a review of our first nouns class the previous week, volunteers helped us sort “people,” “places” and “things” on the OHP.  Then, the students enjoyed identifying nouns in sentences. Students raised hands to show which word they thought was the answer.

Main Activity 1

We had a group discussion on the carpet about people in our lives. Students volunteered people they knew, and they guessed who others were in an on-screen quiz. Students then identified how certain people helped us in our daily lives.

Main Activity 2

Various job roles were shown on the board, and some volunteers used the sentence pattern “When I grow up, I want to be a ________,” to tell the class their chosen future profession. Students then wrote the sentence pattern in their books and drew pictures of themselves in the job roles they chose.


To conclude, I asked some students to present their work to the class and tell us why they chose their respective career.


Later in the week, we read the story “Maisy Goes to the City” by Lucy Cousins. The students answered questions about the people they saw and the roles they had in society.


The lesson was a success, and students who struggled with understanding how to use nouns, are now more comfortable using them in their work.

Ms. Kay Grade 2  (October, 2020)


School Supplies Robot


In Grade 2, we start out the year reviewing and learning about the different supplies the students will interact with throughout the year. Some of these supplies include pencil, eraser, and scissors. The students watch a video and sing along to the song, utilizing their English skills by saying each of the supplies out loud.

The teacher then teaches the students about the school supplies that they are not familiar with, such as a stapler and sticky tape. Then, we practice saying them out loud.

They get a chance to show how much they have learned about these different objects through a game. Each of the five teams competes to see who can identify the supplies the best.

After a couple of weeks of learning, reviewing, and practicing, the students, then, get to show their creative side. They get a chance to draw a picture, but there is one rule they must follow. Their picture has to be made up of school supplies!

They get a chance to see different examples from previous years to help stimulate their imagination. They spend time drawing out their picture, and they label the different objects that they used to create their own School Supplies Robot.

The results not only show how creative each child is, but it also shows how unique they are, too!

Mr. Drew LELS.1  (October, 2020)


Phonics and blending: Pink, Yellow, Green


Learning to decode new words is an important part of learning a language, and foundational skills, such as phonics can be difficult at first, not to mention a bit boring for children. But here at Clifford School we aim to not only build these skills, but also to have fun while doing it. A game we like to play in our LELS 1 class is called ‘pink, yellow, green,’ and can be played at home as an excellent review game.

Before we play, we will introduce a new letter or phonetic sound, and practice saying it as a class, along with previously learned letters. Next, students name and identify words have that sound in them. Then, we blend these letters as a class on whiteboards.

Once the letters are then written on small pink, yellow and green pieces of paper. Pink and green cards have consonants on them, and yellow cards have vowels. They are then mixed with others and scattered around the room. Students are asked to bring one of each to the teacher at a time, and form a simple consonant, vowel, consonant blend, read it to the teacher, and then repeat the process.

Although simple, this game is highly adaptable, and very effective in many aspects of phonics, from letter recognition, to blending, to experimental spelling of words. Try it at home!

Special Events

Craig Smith (Author/Songwriter) Visit - May 19, 2016

On Thursday, Craig Smith, a children’s author and songwriter from New Zealand, came to visit Clifford Elementary Bilingual's Grade 2 and 3 students. Around 600 students went to the auditorium for the performance. Craig sang many of his famous books for us. He sang “Wonky Donkey”, “My Daddy Ate an Apple”, “Willie Bee the Bumble Bee” and others. The two favorites among the students were “Wonkey Donkey” and “My Daddy Ate an Apple”. Craig is famous for his funny stories, puppets and songs, as well as making funny noises, like his “drip, drip, drip” sound. The students sang, danced and had a terrific time. We hope many other famous overseas authors and songwriters can visit us in the future!